Full-stack Software Engineer
Welcome to my website!

Salute plurimam dicit. I'm Yev, a Freelance Software Engineer based in Manila, Philippines, founder of Night Owl Studios. I convert coffee into code. I'm very passionate about Software Engineering, learning, teaching and building stuff. I specialize in creating bespoke software applications using mostly Vue.js and Quasar on the frontend, Java and Eclipse Vert.x on the backend. When I'm not building stuff for a client or working on a side project, you'll find me tinkering with hobby electronics or playing with cats.


Some projects I've worked on:

  • Project Qodo
    An open-source productivity app that also serves as a learning resource for building multi-platform apps using Quasar. Available in both desktop and mobile. Visit the live version here. Check the Github Repo.
  • Sixgill Fishing App
    A social media platform for Sixgill fishing community. Users can share their latest catch, ask questions, get up-to-date with latest giveaways, and more. Available in both Android and iOS devices.
  • Wilyfish
    Wilyfish is a brand management platform that contains various tools for managing and protecting your brand using actionable intelligent Data Analytics. I've built both the web app and the mobile version available in both Android and iOS devices.
  • Other projects...
    Visit my Projects page to get a full list of all the projects that I've worked on.

Work Experience:

  • DigitalCandy┬«
    Software Consultant
  • Accenture
    Application Developer Team Lead
  • Vertere Solutions, Inc - Accenture
    Programmer Analyst 3
  • Nokia Networks
    Software Specialist / R&D Engineer 3

Recent stuff:

I've been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to speak at the very first Quasar Conference. If you're interested with this awesome framework check the full recording below. I'm the first speaker, I talked about some of the techniques and nuances of building a multi-platform application.

Contact me:

Have something in mind? A business idea, a software problem, or perhaps you're expanding your business into the digital world? Or if you just happen to need a person with my skills, feel free to contact me. Let's discuss!